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Fan Coil units utilize hot water in winter and cold water in summer to warm up or cool down your space through a coil. In the building mechanical room, the boiler or the chiller works as a central HVAC system to supply hot and cold water through a building's closed-loop system. Fan Coil units are part of an HVAC system found in high rise condos. There are two types of fan coil units commonly found in the Toronto & GTA Area.

Two-pipe fan coil units have 1 supply and 1 return pipe. The building management typically decides when to supply either cold or hot water depending on the time of year. Four-pipe fan coil units have 2 supply pipes and 2 return pipes. This allows users to have both heating and cooling at any given time all year round.

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Features & benefits

Installation of fan coil units started in 1970. This means fan coil systems have been around more than half a century in Toronto. They have a lifespan of 20 years, and are the best solution by far when it comes to improving indoor air quality. To sum up fan coil retrofit benefits:

1. New fan coil systems use ECM motor and they are much more efficient systems compared to other models.

2. New fan coil units are equipped with sensors to prevent flood in the condominium units.

3. Mold reduction benefits by replacing the old insulation inside the cabinet as well as using anti-microbial material.

4. New fan coils are typically more quieter compared to older models.

5. In addition to all of the above, condo owners will also benefit from property value increase.


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